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Time Management Series (7 episodes)

(Apr 21, 2021)

15. Time Management for Strategic Leaders

Time is the most important of our strategic TEMP (time, energy, money, and people) resources.

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(Apr 27, 2021)

16. Aligning your Time with Your Life and Work

Let's talk about two things you care about most: Your time and your highest priorities.

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(May 4, 2021)

17. Where did all my time go? Buckets and Pies

These two tools can help you to more strategically track your time.

FP-17-Time-Buckets and Pies
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(May 12, 2021)

18. Leveraging Your Task List and Your Time List

Keeping track of your tasks and your time requires the good use of good tools. BONUS MATERIAL: Checklists

Time Management: Two Lists
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(May 20, 2021)

19. Time Management for Strategic Leaders: Using the 5Ds to Gain 30 Strategic Minutes Each Week. 

These practical 5Ds (do it, delete it, delay it, delegate it, and double it up with something else) can help you to open up strategic minutes each week.

Time Manaagement: 5Ds
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(May 26, 2021)

20. Time Management for Strategic Leaders. Using Your Two Super Powers: Focus and Discipline 

Strategic and enterprise leaders demonstrate more focus and discipline than their peers. See how you can use these in time management.

Time Management: Putting it Together
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(Jun 1, 2021)

21. Time Management for Strategic Leaders: Getting Traction by Putting these Five Tools to Use

In this episode, we will look at how you can get traction with these five time management tools.

Time Management: Focus and Discipline
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