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Hiring Toolbox (Episodes 79-85) (Click Here)

(Jul 26, 2022)

79. Hiring Toolbox: An Overview of the 5 Hiring and Firing Tools for Strategic Leaders

Hiring and firing may be the most strategic work that leaders do.

Hiring Toobox-Overview
00:00 / 09:45

(Aug 4, 2022)

80. Hiring Toolbox-1: Your Pre-hire Work is Your Most Strategic Hiring Work

What you do before you post a position is your most important work.

Hiring Toolbox-1-Pre Hire
00:00 / 07:49

(Aug 17, 2022)

81. Hiring Toolbox-2: Effectively Interviewing your Candidates

Interviewing involves working through your long list of candidates down to your finalists.

Hiring Toolbox-2-Interviewing
00:00 / 06:32

(Aug 24, 2022)

82. Hiring Toolbox-3: Job Offers and Onboarding

Once the interviews are over, you have the important work of offers and onboarding.

Hiring Toolbox-3-Onboarding
00:00 / 05:13

(Aug 30, 2022)

83. Hiring Toolbox-4: Evaluating the Work of those on Your Team

Evaluating is hard work that can lead to continuous improvement.

Hiring Toolbox-4-Evaluating
00:00 / 06:42

(Sep 7, 2022)

84. Hiring Toolbox-5: Firing: Knowing When Change is Needed

Firing is never fun, but sometimes it is time for a change.

Hiring Toolbox-5-Firing
00:00 / 06:28

(Sep 13, 2022)

85. Hiring Toolbox: Using the 5 Hiring and Firing Tools to Avoid Unforced Errors

Taking shortcuts on hiring and firing can lead to endless problems.

Hiring Toolbox-Putting It All Together
00:00 / 05:44
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