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(Aug 11, 2021)

29. Coaching Tools for Strategic Leaders: Coaching is the New "Must Have" Skill

Top-down leadership is out. This podcast session provides an overview of coaching tools that can get you up and going.

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(Aug 18, 2021)

30. Coaching Tools for Strategic Leaders: Connecting with Care and Empathy

The starting point of good coaching is connecting with other relationally through care and empathy.

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(Aug 25, 2021)

31. Coaching Tools for Strategic Leaders: Clarifying the Goal of the Session:

Coaching unlike other conversations has a focused goal. This part of the coaching session seeks to bring clarity to that goal.

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(Aug 31, 2021)

32. Coaching Tools for Strategic Leaders-: Collaborating Creatively with Questions

Creatively collaborating with questions is a core coaching competency and the engine of good coaching.

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(Sep 7, 2021)

33. Coaching Tools for Strategic Leaders: Creating a Plan Forward

Good coaching leads to a plan to move forward. Practical next steps can be invaluable.

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(Sep 13, 2021)

34. Coaching Tools for Strategic Leaders: Closing with Purpose

Successfully ending a coaching session happens when you close with purpose.

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(Sep 24, 2021)

35. Coaching Tools for Strategic Leaders: Putting Put all Five Tools Together and Start Coaching, Today!

Take the five tools of our 5Cs model and put them into action, today!

Coaching-7-Getting Traction
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