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(Jan 3, 2023)

101. Mini-MBA Toolbox: Overview

Does everyone need an MBA? Maybe not, but everyone can learn a lot from these 7-minute episodes.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-Overview
00:00 / 07:10

(Jan 10, 2023)

102. Mini-MBA Toolbox-1: Foundations for Business

What is the purpose of business? How are for-profits and nonprofits the same?

Mini-MBA Toolbox-1-Foundations
00:00 / 06:41

(Jan 18, 2023)

103. Mini-MBA Toolbox-2: Introduction to Business

Leading organizations is both an art and a science. Learn more about how leadership and organizations work.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-2-Intro
00:00 / 08:04

(Jan 25, 2023)

104. Mini-MBA Toolbox-3: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Leading organizations is both an art and a science. Learn more about how leadership and organizations work.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-3-Leadership and Org Behavior
00:00 / 07:39

(Jan 31, 2023)

105. Mini-MBA Toolbox-4: Accounting and Finance for Managers

Yes, the numbers do matter for strategic leaders.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-4-Accounting and Finance
00:00 / 07:31

(Feb 7, 2023)

106. Mini-MBA Toolbox-5: Marketing and Brand Management

Your brand and marketing help to tell your story to the world.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-5-Marketing
00:00 / 06:24

(Feb 16, 2023)

107. Mini-MBA Toolbox-6: Business Analytics

Why do some say that every company is a data analytics company?

Mini-MBA Toolbox-6-Business Analytics
00:00 / 07:00

(Feb 21, 2023)

108. Mini-MBA Toolbox-7: Economics

Economics impacts your personal life, professional life, and organizational life.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-7-Economics
00:00 / 06:54

(Mar1, 2023)

109. Mini-MBA Toolbox-8: IT Strategy

IT has the potential to improve what you are doing in so many areas.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-8-IT Strategy
00:00 / 07:22

(Mar 7, 2023)

110. Mini-MBA Toolbox-9: Managerial Accounting

This episode features accounting professor, Dr. Phl Rickard, as he provides an overview of this strategic topic.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-12-Managerial Accounting
00:00 / 08:56

(Mar 14, 2023)

111. Mini-MBA Toolbox-10: Strategic Finance

While accounting tends to look back, finance looks forward to a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Mini-MBA Toolbox-10-Finance
00:00 / 07:09

(Mar 21, 2023)

112. Mini-MBA Toolbox-11: Leadership and Strategy

Leadership and strategy can move you from adding value to multiplying value.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-11-Leadership and Strategy
00:00 / 06:39

(Mar 28, 2023)

113. Mini-MBA Toolbox-12: HR Management

People are our greatest asset. Let's talk about what that means in today's HR world.

Mini MBA Toolbox-12-HR
00:00 / 07:37

(Apr 5, 2023)

114. Mini-MBA Toolbox-13: Business Law

You don't need to be a lawyer, but you do need to grow your awareness of the legal issues around you and your organization.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-13-Business Law
00:00 / 06:39

(Apr 11, 2023)

115. Mini-MBA Toolbox: What are Your MBA Next Steps?

Whether is it putting these MBA tools to use today or studying further, they can help you to future-proof your strategic leadership.

Mini-MBA Toolbox-What are your MBA Next Steps_
00:00 / 07:51
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