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Special Tools Series (Episodes 93-100)

(Nov 8, 2022)

93. Special Tools: Iterative Design Cycle (IDC): Developing Faster with Less Resources

Traditional design is slower and more expensive. IDC is faster and more efficient.

Special Tools-Iterative Design Cycle
00:00 / 06:35

(Nov 16, 2022)

94. Special Tools: OMI: Doing Strategy Work Faster with Objectives, Measures, and Initiatives

Strategic planning can be complex. Simplify it by using objectives, measures, and initiatives (OMI).

Special Tools-Objective Measure Initiative
00:00 / 08:13

(Nov 22, 2022)

95. Special Tools: Use the 4x5 Template to Streamline Your Planning

A 4x5 template can be used to plan out your next 5 years over lunch.

Special Tools-4x5 Template
00:00 / 06:51

(Nov 29, 2022)

96. Special Tools: 12 Letters Including ROI That Can Transform Your Strategic Toolbox

IDC-OMI-4x5-ROI has 4 tools including Return on Investment.

Special Tools-ROI
00:00 / 07:09

(Dec 6, 2022)

97. Special Tools: The Inner Life of the Strategic Leader

Are you dealing with your dark side? Who you are on the inside is as important as who you are on the outside. 

Special Tools-Inner Life
00:00 / 05:53

(Dec 13, 2022)

98. Special Tools: Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD): A Faster Way to Grow Leaders.

Staying in the "Zone" is the fastest way to develop leaders.

Special Tools-ZPD
00:00 / 05:18

(Dec 20, 2022)

99. Special Tools: You Can Write that 100-page Book in 2023

There are several good reasons for you to consider writing a 100-page book.

Special Tools-100-Page Book
00:00 / 09:36

(Dec 29, 2022)

100. Special Tools: Developing Your Goals for 2023

You can move farther faster in 2023 if you develop both goals and systems.

Special Tools-2023 Goals
00:00 / 09:35
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