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Building Strategic Organizations Series (7 episodes)

(Mar 2, 2021)

8. Building Strategic Lives and Organizations (PS The Goal is Not More Work)

This new Building Strategic Organizations (BSO) series focuses on five tools that can help you to build more strategic lives, teams, and organizations.

BSO Overview
00:00 / 10:08

(Feb 23, 2021)

9. Finding Your Why and a Picture of Your Preferred Future

With intentionality and the right tools, you can build a better future for your life, your family, your work, and your organization.

00:00 / 09:01

(Mar 16, 2021)

10. What are your strategic big deals for this year?

You can’t focus on everything all the time. Good strategy is deciding what not to do.

BSO Strategic Themes
00:00 / 07:06

(Mar 25, 2021)

11. "Rick, your strategy isn't good enough?

How strategy changed my life and what Intel, Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation learned about strategic objectives and OKRs.

BSO Strategic Objectives
00:00 / 09:05

(Mar 30, 2021)

12. Are you measuring what you care about most? (If not, maybe you should be)

Measuring what you care about most is at the heart of good strategy.

BSO Strategic Measures
00:00 / 10:23

(Apr 7, 2021)

13. Use your TEMP resources strategically (so you can work less and accomplish more)

Your most important resources are your TEMP (time, energy, money, and people) resources. The key is aligning your TEMP resources with your strategy.

BSO Strategic Initiatives
00:00 / 08:26

(Apr 13, 2021)

14. Getting Strategy Traction: Use OKRs like Intel, Google, and the Gates Foundation

OKR is a commonly used strategy tool that provides a simple way to do better strategy work in your personal and professional life.

BSO Getting Traction
00:00 / 07:47
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