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Nonprofit Leadership and Management Series

(Apr 12, 2022)

64. Nonprofit Toolbox-1: Look at how you can improve the nonprofits around you

With this toolbox, you can be a better nonprofit donor, employee, and board member.

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(Apr 20, 2022)

65. Nonprofit Toolbox-1a: Understanding Nonprofits is the Starting Point for Greater Thriving

A deeper understanding of nonprofits can help you to impact your nonprofits for good.

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(Apr 27, 2022)

66. Nonprofit Toolbox-2: Nonprofit Toolbox-2: Board Governance is the Highest Level of Nonprofit Leadership

The nonprofit board and senior leadership team are the two most important factors in helping a nonprofit to thrive.

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(May 3, 2022)

67. Nonprofit Toolbox-3: Senior Leadership is Critical for a Thriving Nonprofit

While the nonprofit board is important, good senior leadership is essential.

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(May 10, 2022)

68. Nonprofit Toolbox-4: Raising Up Human Resources: People are More Important than Money

People are our most important nonprofit resource.

Nonprofit-4-Human Resources
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(May 17, 2022)

69. Nonprofit Toolbox-5: Raising Up Financial Resources: How Fundraising Works

Fund-raising is about effectively connecting people, their financial resources, and your cause.

Nonprofit-5-Financial Resources
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(May 25, 2022)

70. Nonprofit Toolbox-6: Nonprofit Operations: How to Avoid being a Crummy Nonprofit

Operations are often the stepchild of the nonprofit world.

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(May 31, 2022)

71. Nonprofit Toolbox-7: Nonprofit HR Operations: How to Treat Your People Well.

If you want it to go well with your people, your HR operations need to function effectively.

Nonprofit-7-HR Operations
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(Jun 7, 2022)

72. Nonprofit Toolbox-8: Nonprofit Finance Operations: Managing Money Well is So Important

Managing finance operations well builds confidence and engagement with your many stakeholders.

Nonprofit-8-Finance Operations
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(Jun 14, 2022)

73. Nonprofit Toolbox-9: Brand Management: Structure How the World Perceives Your Nonprofit

Brand management is about developing confidence and trust in your organization.

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(Jun 22, 2022)

74. Nonprofit Toolbox-10: Marketing and Communication: Strategic Insights on Getting the Word Out

It is imperative to market and communicate well with your external and internal stakeholders.

Nonprofit-10-Marketing and Communication
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(Jun 28, 2022)

75. Nonprofit Toolbox-11: Driving Nonprofit Effectiveness and Efficiency

Is your nonprofit getting better and what you can do about it.

Nonprofit-11-Effectivenes and Efficiency
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(Jul 6, 2022)

76. Nonprofit Toolbox-12: Strategic Planning: Achieving Your Picture of a Preferred Future

Strategic planning can help your nonprofit to reach its potential.

Nonprofit-12-Strategic Planning
00:00 / 08:21

(Jul 12, 2022)

77. Nonprofit Toolbox-13: Scaling Up: What You Can Do to Help Your Nonprofit Get Bigger and Better

Getting bigger and better isn't automatic. Here is what you can do to help.

Nonprofit-13-Scaling Up
00:00 / 05:56

(Jul 18, 2022)

78. Nonprofit Toolbox-14: Putting all 13 Nonprofit Tools to Use

Board members, nonprofit CEOs, staff, and donors can all use these tools to improve their organization.

Nonprofit-14-Putting it all together
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